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"Everyone in life needs to find a competitive edge to win"


Chiropractic + Massage Therapy


Founding story of Competitive Edge Sports and Spine

Competitive Edge Sports and Spine established in 2007 when hope seemed impossible to grasp. Imagine training for half a year for 2-3 days a week in Chicago suburbs for something and a week away from the dream having it stripped away in a situation you had no control over. A high school dream turned into a nightmare in a fraction of a second. One single injury had changed the hopes of having a break out senior season to just being able to play a quarter of your first game. This is when chiropractic chose Doc J. A high school injury turned him to chiropractic, which in returned got him on the field faster allowing him to be able to continue a dream. A path of fate drew him from the field of football to the field of chiropractic.This is how he met a chiropractor in the suburbs of Chicago, this drew him into a new found passion of health care. Chiropractic Therapy had gotten Doc J on the field when all other doctor’s said it wasn’t possible. Doc J was born and raised in Michiana. He is bringing back something to this area that wasn’t here when he needed it most. He chose Michiana because he loves this area and knew it needed someone. His passion in sports and his success in sports enables him to relate to an athletes everyday struggles, without the burden of injuries. He relates to athletes because he was one. Doc J understands a mind set of a champion being a state champion and national champion in both high school and college football. To understand an athlete you must be an athlete. It was in chirpractic school at National University of Health Sciences where he had met his fiance, Katie. Together they decide to bring back their services and continue the dream of Competitive Edge Sports and Spine.




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We thrive at the intersection of purpose, passion, and success.


What Competitive Edge Sports and Spine can do for you?

MUSculoskeletal Pain

Musculoskeletal pain can be any type of pain associated with muscular pain or skeletal pain. Whether it is a strain, a sprain from ligaments, joint pain from lack of mobility or a lack of stability, fascial pain, trigger point, mechanical pain, postural habits causing pain, etc. We can help you.

Injury Prevention

It is crutial to an injury to find the route cause of it. If the cause is not found the injury is likely to reoccur. We take the time to listen to your story. This is YOUR treatment YOU deserve to be HEARD. We will not rush you out the door and only provide you with temporary pain relieve that needs an extensive treatment plan. We are here to help you and most importantly teach you how to prevent the condition from reoccurring.

Neurological Pain

Neurological pain can be from nerve impingements, nerve encroachments, disc issues etc. Whether it is lower back pain, general back pain, tennis elbow, sciatica, golfers elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, plantar faciatis, tarsal tunnel, head aches/migraines, etc. We can help you.

Our Chiropractic approach and Focus

There is a place for every medical profession. Each specific specialty has their own special purpose. We are here to help you with what Chiropractors do best and that is relieving neuromusculoskeletal pain. We pride ourselves on not requiring long extensive treatment plans. Our treatment plans are individually set up for each patient. Every one is different so we do not have a cookie cutter recipe for every condition. Each treatment is personalized to what the patient needs. We want you free of pain, just as bad as you. We are here for you, not ourselves.

Pain Relief

We not only look to relieve your pain, but we strive to find the cause of pain. If the cause of pain is not eliminated, the pain will only come back. This can be from our daily habits and poor posture. Competitive Edge Sports and Spine will not only just adjust you, but before all adjustments we relieve the surrounding tissue if need be. For those seeking pain relief we can help you.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is a tool used in our practice. Massage Therapy can be beneficial for many things. We recommend doing them together, however we do not require one over the other. Whether you’re just trying to relax your body before an adjustment or you are just coming to escape from all the stressors of life, we can help you.


Finding your competitive edge to win does not only apply to sports, but it is a crucial find in everyday life. Whether it is at our job, in our sport, within our hobby, within our family, etc it is everywhere. The cornerstone of our success starts with our body’s being fully functional. As humans we thrive to become the best version of ourselves as we can be….. that is the definition of Competitive Edge Sports and Spine.
— Doc J